Wine Labels


I have had the opportunity to work with a number of vineyards throughout central Virginia. Here are a few examples of the label systems I’ve designed.

Veritas Vineyards

By the time Veritas came to me, their family vineyard had already established a reputation for excellence in central Virginia and around the country. Together, we created a unified label style that could be applied to the increasing number of varietals and releases each season.

Grace Estate Winery

Having grown grapes for other wineries on the property for years, Grace Estate had yet to release their own private label. When the time came though, we had created a branding and label system that was timeless and yet modern.

Tarara Winery

Working closely with the label manufacturer, this design took a lot of perseverance and experimentation to create the 5-part die-cut label and ensure that it could be applied quickly and precisely on the bottling line. The result is a completely unique label experience.