Lolly's Creamery


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When Joey and his dad wanted to start their own ice cream company in Virginia Beach, they knew they needed a brand that could match their passion. With a very limited color palette of black, white and mint green, the individual ice cream flavors (and colors) are on full display.

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Virginia Beach got it’s first taste of Lolly’s from this custom made freezer trike. It was designed to be an eye-catching presence on the boardwalk and at events around the Hampton Roads area.


“My favorite question we are often asked is, “Are you a franchise?” That seems like a weird question to be grateful for, but it gives me validation that our branding is professional and appealing. Wes is the primary reason for the appeal of our branding.

Wes has an uncanny ability to take what’s in your mind and craft the design in a way that feels just the way you want and connects with your ideal customer.

As a young company your brand strategy is critical and Wes has given us a huge blessing with his talent and professionalism. I believe that the look of our brand is 10 years ahead of where we are as a company and that’s exactly what we hoped for.

Wes has helped to set us up to succeed and even more than his incredible skill set as a designer, his belief in our company and desire to strengthen our brand is unmatched. He has added tremendous value to our brand and I believe that he would do the same for yours.”

– Joey Launi, Founder